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Northlawn Junior High School ~ Committed to Excellence GO PANTHERS!
Don't Miss it!
The Streator Junior High School Bands will not participate in the Light Up Streator parade on Saturday evening. The temperature is predicted to be below 40 degrees, and for the safety of the children and their instruments, we have cancelled the performance.
The Northlawn Administration would like to wish all students and their families a very pleasant and enjoyable holiday weekend.
Outsiders Day
Today 6th grade students celebrated Outsiders Day with dancing, games and ice cream! They also watched the movie. A fun time was had by all.
Congratulations to Mrs. Harms class for winning the dress up contest. They received the most points.

Congratulations to Connor Akin for placing 3rd in the North Central Red Ribbon Essay Contest. Go to the link above to read or listen to his essay.


We need you to help us earn free money for our school.
Four dedicated teachers have applied for grants from Farmer's insurance. Please help them win by voting for each teacher daily during the month of October! All you need is a Facebook account and it just takes minutes. Please spread the word to your family and friends! Anyone anywhere can vote. Go to and follow the instructions. Grant applications and projects are:
Brian Cox-Band Aids
Angie Goetz- Sheltered Instruction Implementation
Carolyn Wargo- Rewarding the Good
Lori Isermann- Developing Healthy Eating Habits
We are still collecting Box Tops and Labels. Please send them in with your child. We appreciate it.

PTO meetings will be held at 5:00 on the following dates
Please note change of date:
October 27
November 24
January 26
April 26

We meet in the library.

Unlocking The Mystery Of Good Character

This year Northlawn will be focusing on positive character traits. Each month we will focus on different traits. Each week there will be a different topic. The first few months of school, we will be discussing safety, respect, and responsibility. Please go to my Principal page for more information.

Safety and School Expectations
September  RESPECT
Showing regard for the worth of someone or something
Week 1 Self-respect* Pride and belief in one's self and in achievement of one's potential.
Week 2 Respect for Others* Concern for and motivation to act for the welfare of others.
Week 3 Respect for Authority Respect for those individuals who are in positions of responsibility.
Week 4 Respect for Learning and
Appreciation for the importance of and effort involved in acquiring knowledge. Showing highregard for the worth of promptness.
Taking care of one's self and others;to carry out a duty or task carefully and thoroughly
Week 9 Cheerfulness*/Positive AttitudeGood humored, bright and pleasant. Realistic positive confidence of feeling toward one’s self.
Week 10 Accountability Being responsible for your decisions and actions; dependable.
Week 11 Honor A sense of what is right, just and true; privilege.
Week 12 School Pride / Cleanliness* Care and satisfaction in your school’s environment, achievement and success.
Facebook Page
Please sign up for our Northlawn Facebook Page.
Questions and Concerns
if you are a parent with suggestions, questions or concerns, you are encouraged to contact your child's teacher first. If your question pertains to a school-wide issue, or if you feel your problem was not resolved, please contact me and we will do our best to respond appropriately. I hope that we can work together to provide a great experience for your son or daughter. Communication between Northlawn staff and parents is the key to a successful year  for your child. I can be reached by phone at Northlawn or by email at
After School Homework Help
 Does you child struggle in a class? Please contact your child's teacher or an administrator. We can help. After school homework help and tutoring is available in the NL library from 2:50-3:50 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Parents must sign their child up for the program by speaking with a teacher or administrator. Students must arrange transportation before with their parent. A late bus is available to transport students to a location near their home. Students or parents can pick up a copy of the late bus routes at school or see them on this web page. The bus leaves school at 4:00PM. If you are picking your child up from tutoring, they should be picked up in the front. (flag pole side) off of 1st Street. The late bus picks up in the back of the building.
Big Hall Detention

If your child receives a detention, he or she will be given a sheet with information about the detention and an assigned day to serve it. It will generally be the following day. Students staple the detention in their planner so that parents will see it when they go home. We ask that you look at your child's planner each night and sign it. Detention is held in a classroom. Students should bring homework or a book to read. They may not talk or sleep. Detention is held immediately after school until 3:50PM. Some students may be assigned a lunch detention. Students are allowed to ride the late bus but should have this arranged with their parent the night before. Students who skip detention receive further consequences.  Receiving multiple detentions escalates consequences. (see student handbook)
Box Tops for Education

Please collect Box Tops and turn them in to your first hour teacher. Students who bring ten Box Tops to the first dance will get in free!
Northlawn is collecting Box Tops for Education again this year! 

For each small box top that is turned in, Northlawn receives ten cents!  
It doesn't seem like a lot, but it sure adds up quickly! 

Students should turn in box tops to their study hall teachers!  

Each study hall is competing this year, and one study hall from each grade level will be crowned the winner at the end of the year! 

Let's raise some money for our school! GO PANTHERS!